Welcome to The Quarantine Cookbook, a digital publication of recipes and drawings. Our contributors range from professional chefs to that friend we all have who can only make spaghetti.


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We hope this book provides some kitchen inspiration, creating a global community in celebration of food while raising as much

as possible for people in need.


Featuring recipes by Adam Zhu, Adinah Dancyger,  Alex Orley and Melisa Denizeri Orley, Ali Sahin, Andrea Smith, Angela Dimayuga, April Bloomfield, Asli Baykal, Cam Carter, Camille Becerra, Carmen Hall, Chanterelle Ribes, Claudia Poulter, Dani Dillon, David Komurek, Ellie Alter, Emily Sundberg, Fabian von Huske and Jeremiah Stone, Gaby Basora, Gaia Matisse, Galila Riss, Gea Sofia and Nigel Hammond, Hannah Rieke, Ivy Nallo, Jack Shannon, Joey Scalabrino, Julian Cavin,

Julian Taffel, Kia Damon, Kim Hastrieter, Laila Chbarbi, Laila Gohar, Laura Genes and Ryan Langer, Layla Alter, Li Ann Ting, Lily Gavin, Lua Beaulieu, Lynette Nylander, Mayan Toledano and Maayan Sherris, Mariko Makino, Markus 'Sabio' Mazza, Matt Jackson, Manu Buffara, Maxime Pradie, Michael Bailey Gates, Miles Jay and Debbie Erhardt, Nick and Louis Shannon, Noemi Bonazzi, Nicole Huber, Nina Tiari and Joao Solomao, Nora Cohen, Ondine Vinao, Paige Reifler, Paris Starn, PJ Monte, Sabrina Fuentes, Sophia Fish, Spiral Theory Test Kitchen, Uri Alter, Yoma Ru Smith, Zora Sicher


Special thanks to Jack Shannon for the book layout.

Featuring recipes by Alexandra Samaras, Andrea Gentl, Anny Choi, Apollonia Poilâne, Ayesha Shand, Ben Cook, Carmen Hall, Caroline Kent, Celeste Doig, Cindy Casagrande, Clare Lattin, Clive Martin & Eloise Parry, Connie Grossman, Daisy Nutting,

Daisy Terry, Edie Ashley, Ella Thumim, Evie Henderson, Felix Reade, Frank Lebon, Frankie Herbert, Gemma Chilvers,

Grace Berrow, Hanna Moon, Hannah Brinberg, Hector Aponysus, Hector Henderson, Henrietta Inman, Kitty Travers,

Kusheda Mensah, Lara Johnson-Wheeler and Patrick Muller, Laura Jackson, Lotte Andersen, Lotte Bellin, Louis Israel Quinn,

Lucy Carr-Ellison and Jemima Jones, Maria Bell, Marina Windsor, Mark May, Max Rocha, Nancy Andersen, Rae Chen Elliman, Raphael Bliss and Ellen Roberts, Richard E. Grant, Roberta d'Elia, Robyn Nicholl and Ben Lebus, Rosie Sykes,

Sam Andrews & Frank Boxer, Sandra Leko, Skye Gyngell, Sophie Taylor, Theo Lewis, Tom Hill, Tyrone Lebon,

Willa Burton, Xanthe Gladstone, Zeyna Sy

Special thanks to Nina Lilliebjerg-Heder for the book layout.


About us: We are two best friends, Layla Alter and Carmen Hall. Carmen lives in London, Layla lives in New York City.
Egg illustrations by Sara Rabin.

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